Earn up to 2% annual interest on your savings*

We are a private bank that is focused on protecting and growing your wealth. Offering competitive annual interest rate of 2% on USD holdings, Xapo Bank is all about financial security.

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Xapo Bank bridges the gap between crypto and traditional banking services. We believe success is earned, achievers deserve a reward and financial security for the long-term should be within reach.


Earn up to 2% annual interest

Competitive interest on all your holdings

With low interest rates around the world and rising inflation levels, we have a solution to help build your financial future.

We offer an annual interest rate of 2% on your USD holdings and 1% yield on your Bitcoin holdings.

We empower you to safely grow your wealth, not only for today, but for the financial future you desire.

US Dollar & Bitcoin

An account for every need

Offering secure, seamless access to US Dollar and Bitcoin, the Xapo Bank app is your gateway to economic freedom.

Manage your finances; send and receive global payments; buy, manage and hold Bitcoin. We provide safe and secure banking you can depend on.

Our app is available to download on Android or iOS.

Xapo bank card
Xapo security

Up to 1.1% cashback

Freedom in card form

Your Xapo debit card gives you the freedom to make payments and withdraw funds globally.

Enjoy an easy and exceptional experience, no fees on foreign exchange transactions and free ATM withdrawals. Plus, earn up to 1.1% cashback on card transactions.

Protected with multiple levels of authentication and transaction alerts, you can also freeze, replace or otherwise manage your card on the Xapo Bank app at anytime.

Fiat deposits protected up to €100,000

Trustworthy wealth protection

Our headquarters are in Gibraltar, one of the most trusted financial jurisdictions in the world, and we render our services through two fully regulated entities: Xapo Bank and Xapo VASP.

In addition, Xapo holds one of the largest Bitcoin reserves in the world and liquid assets, all of which provide an additional layer of protection to its members.

This gives you the assurance and peace of mind that your funds are legally protected, and guaranteed to always belong to you.


A safer, more rewarding banking experience

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