Our podcast series explores the thoughts of some of the brightest minds across the crypto and blockchain space.

We discuss their backgrounds, the impact they are having at a global level and how this affects emerging markets.

Joey Garcia

About our host

Our host Joey Garcia is a globally recognised expert across the DLT and Blockchain space. He is a Director of Xapo and Head of Policy and Regulatory affairs.

Joey interviews today's mavericks about the future of the space, to understand what has enabled them to see the world differently and what motivates them to push for change.

podcast episodes

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E01: Diego Zaldivar
November 16, 2022

On the first episode of Mavericks, host Joey Garcia talks to Diego Zaldivar, a web design pioneer and early adopter of blockchain technology and Bitcoin. Diego shares his story of growing up in a troubled Argentina, spending time as a social worker in Buenos Aires to developing IOV Labs, the smart contract Rootstock platform.

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E02: Caroline Malcolm
November 30, 2022

In this episode of Mavericks, host Joey Garcia talks to Caroline Malcolm, Head of International Policy at Chainalysis and a hugely influential figure in the finance sector globally.

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