Safe and secure private banking

We protect our members’ wealth through adherence to strict regulatory frameworks, as well as deployment of state-of-the art physical and cyber security solutions.

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A solid foundation of security

At Xapo Bank, security is our foremost priority. We operate at the highest global standards of physical and digital security to safeguard our members' deposits and personal information.

How we keep
you safe

  • Fully regulated
    legal entities

    Xapo Bank and Xapo VASP are legal entities fully regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. We comply with strict regulatory and audit requirements as a prerequisite to keeping our banking licence, card program memberships and participation in global interbank networks.

  • Healthy and efficient
    balance sheet

    Our liquid financial assets, strong balance sheet and holding one of the world's largest reserves of Bitcoins are key indicators of the strength and stability needed to fuel sustainable growth, while safeguarding our members' deposits.

  • Physical security
    and assurance

    Situated in Gibraltar, within an old army barracks from the 19th century and still surrounded by the original defense walls, our headquarters epitomize the strength, protection, safety and longevity members can expect from Xapo Bank. The soon-to-be-completed bunker right in the heart of the Rock of Gibraltar is part of our vision to offer unquestionable protection for the wealth trusted to our care.

  • 24/7 cyber security

    We monitor the industry threat landscape around the clock, utilizing dedicated security tools and highly skilled personnel. We employ a global team of experts in financial crime and use the latest blockchain analysis technologies to ensure your funds are kept secure from fraud schemes.

Multiple layers for account security

Your account can only be associated with one mobile device at any time, and it is protected by your PIN and biometric authentication.

We also use multi-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection to your account and transactions.

A safer, more rewarding banking experience

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