2% interest*
to grow your wealth

Xapo Bank empowers you to safely build your wealth and fulfill your ambitions. In a climate of uncertain interest rates and rising inflation, we are proud to offer a secure and responsible annual interest rate of 2% on your US Dollar holdings and 1% on your Bitcoin holdings*.

Managing everyday finances is a seamless experience with the Xapo Bank app. It gives our members intuitive access to both Bitcoin and US Dollars. ​​ You will have the convenience of sending and receiving global payments as well as the opportunity to buy, manage and hold Bitcoin with uncompromising levels of safety and security.
We also support USDC deposits to give you a broader range of options to fund your Xapo account.

Our app is available to download on Android or iOS.

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A Global Card

XAPO global card

A Xapo Bank card is much more than just a bank card

With the freedom to make payments and withdraw funds globally, it is a card that opens doors and delivers potential. There are no fees on foreign exchange transactions, ATM withdrawals are free*. And you will earn up to 1.1% cashback on your card transactions.

Your Xapo Bank card is protected with multiple levels of authentication and transaction alerts. And for your convenience, you can freeze, replace and manage your card, all via the Xapo Bank app.


As a member of Xapo Bank, you can expect the highest levels of security and protection. And few places in the world are as secure as the Rock of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is one of the most trusted financial jurisdictions in the world. We offer services through two fully regulated entities: Xapo Bank and Xapo VASP.

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Enduring Peace of Mind

Xapo Bank is built on solid foundations. This comes to life in both the physical manifestation of our global branch and the depth of our balance sheet.

From a physical perspective our global branch is built on one of the oldest walls in Gibraltar, and just like these foundations we hope to be here for centuries to come. Within banking we want to be a symbol associated with humanistic capitalism and will consistently seek to build an enduring legacy we can be proud of.

From a security perspective, we have a significant balance sheet and are one of the largest custodians of Bitcoin in the world. We also protect fiat deposits up to 100,000 US Dollars*. Our liquid assets provide additional reassurance and peace of mind for our members because your funds are legally protected and guaranteed to always belong to you.


A Dedicated Account Manager

At Xapo Bank, we are here to support you at every step. Membership entitles you to a rare level of personalised service. Your dedicated Xapo Bank account manager will provide personalised service and help you make the most of your Xapo account to grow your wealth and realise your goals.

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