Xapo Recurring Fee

Transaction Fees

Internal bitcoin transactions between Xapo accounts are not subject to processing fees.

The cost to send transactions via the bitcoin network constantly fluctuates. Since the cost to process both incoming and outgoing transactions is continuously changing, we recommend always checking this information!

Outgoing transactions from your Xapo account to an external address will be charged a standard fee which will be displayed on the confirmation screen. You can choose to pay a higher priority fee in order to have your transaction processed more quickly! These fees are dynamically calculated at the time of the transaction, so what is shown here are only the current fees and they are always changing.


Incoming bitcoin transactions to your Xapo Wallet equal to BTC 0.00000816 or less are subject to a special processing fee of BTC 0.00000544 so as to cover the transaction cost of the bitcoin network. This special processing fee will be automatically deducted from the respective transaction.

For example:

  • If you receive more than BTC 0.00000816, no fee applies.
  • If you receive more than BTC 0.00000544 and up to BTC 0.00000816, then a fee of BTC 0.00000544 will be deducted. The amount to be credited will be the difference between the incoming amount and the processing fee.
  • If you receive less than BTC 0.00000544, then a fee equivalent to the amount received will be charged. In this case, the amount to be credited is 0.

  • Fee            
  • 0             
  • BTC 0.00000544              
  • Total amount received
  • Amount received
  • More than BTC 0.00000816
  • Between BTC 0.00000544 and BTC 0.00000816
  • Less than BTC 0.00000544
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