You’re in good company

Xapo Institutions was built specifically for the needs of businesses and financial institutions. It provides the same advanced security of Xapo’s industry-leading, secure bitcoin storage platform but with the flexibility needed to organize and manage your corporate accounts with ease.

As seen in:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Bloomberg
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Fortune

Built for institutions

We design our products within the most advanced security infrastructure and to meet the needs of global organizations around the world. As the largest bitcoin custodian in the world, Xapo is creating a new standard in financial security.

Why Xapo


    Safeguard your bitcoins with Xapo's deep cold storage, dynamic wallet address and multi-signature authorization tech.


    Design custom admin permissions to control which users can access and transact on your account.


    Add multiple spending and savings accounts (Vaults) to organize and partition funds for different user groups.

Meet the Team

Xapo was founded to address two of the biggest issues with Bitcoin’s success and adoption—accessibility and security. And in less than 4 years it’s become the largest custodian of the cryptocurrency, securing over $10 Billion for its members.

Meet the Vault

Xapo’s secure Vaults are housed in high-security installations, including deep within a decommissioned Swiss military bunker that offers uniquely robust protection against physical theft.