Could offshore banking be right for you?


An offshore bank account is one that you open and operate in a country outside your country of residence. 

Also called an overseas bank account, an offshore account facilitates the management of your finances in multiple countries and regions. It enables you to make and receive payments, save and invest in several international currencies. It could also potentially give you access to better interest rates, more diversified investment options and financial management expertise. For those who live in emerging markets and routinely deal with political and economic instability, an offshore account could  be an important way to protect wealth. 

There are a few misconceptions about offshore banking including the belief that it is exclusively for the super rich. Many also believe that offshore banking is used to stash-and-hide money or for tax evasion. The reality is that using offshore accounts in this way is illegal and ultimately has grave consequences.

When might having an offshore bank account be beneficial to you?

An offshore account might be one of the best options for you if you fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • You own or are part of a business that involves international transactions outside your country
  • You have property or investments abroad
  • You make frequent international payments, for instance in support of a child schooling abroad or making mortgage payments
  • You travel abroad frequently for business or personal reasons 
  • You earn foreign currency as a result of remote or freelance work with organisations abroad 
  • You are concerned about currency devaluation, political instability or similar sources of economic uncertainty in your home country, which tend to be challenges frequently faced in emerging markets

What comes next?

Taking stock of your current circumstance and financial requirements is the first step in determining whether an offshore bank account would be of benefit to you. After this, you should evaluate what options are available and choose the right offshore bank. You should always consult a financial professional before making any financial decision.

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