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In 2009, an anonymous developer released the Bitcoin software. Today, that software holds hundreds of billions of dollars in value for millions of users across the planet.

Buy, manage, and store Bitcoin with ease

Xapo Bank App

Bank on Bitcoin

Xapo is your portal into the world of Bitcoin. Build your wealth in BTC, or send and receive money internationally at the touch of a button.

Don’t worry about the technical stuff – we’ve abstracted it away to make sure you enjoy quick and easy access to the currency of the digital era.

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Swiss Alps

We’ve built you a fortress

Xapo holds your assets’ private keys deep inside a decommissioned military bunker in the Swiss Alps, protected by radio-wave-blocking cages, satellite surveillance, and a dedicated security team.

When you tap Transfer Out in your app, we begin a lengthy process that involves signing your transaction with the bunker’s private keys. Then, we transmit the partially-signed transaction to a different server, adding another signature. The transaction is only valid once a certain number of signatures have been added by servers spread across multiple continents.

Xapo Bank App

The first bank account with access to Bitcoin

As a regulated bank affiliated with a Virtual Asset Service Provider, we’re committed to providing you with a portal to both USD and Bitcoin.

The Xapo Bank app is at the very forefront of a new wave of financial services. As the first platform of its kind, it aims to set the standard for players combining existing infrastructure with bleeding-edge digital asset technologies.

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