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Your financial well-being is our lifeblood. When you bank with Xapo, your funds are protected from every possible angle.

World-class security is in our DNA

Rock of Gibraltar
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As solid as the Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar combines a tradition of banking excellence with a passion for financial innovation. Xapo Bank is a regulated bank affiliated with a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), meaning that you’re not just protected by our global team of experts. Or our state-of-the-art technological solutions. Or even the fortified bunker in the Swiss Alps that keeps your Bitcoin private keys secure.

Your fiat funds are protected by a deposit guarantee scheme in one of the most rock-solid banking jurisdictions in the world.

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Hard currency protection

We envision a world where all seven billion people interact with digital money on a daily basis. For it to become a reality, that digital money needs to be sound.

That’s why, at Xapo, we provide you with seamless access to both US dollars and Bitcoin – the most trusted government and non-government currencies in the world.

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Swiss Alps

Unmatched cybersecurity

With our roots as a leading Bitcoin wallet provider, advanced cryptographic security is at our very core.

From Xapo VASP’s physical bunker in the Swiss Alps to Xapo Bank’s online spending authentication and transaction monitoring systems, you can rest easy knowing that your savings are protected by best-in-class technology every step of the way.

A fortress of security

  • Fully licensed by the GFSC
  • Fiat funds protected by Gibraltar's Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • Cutting-edge blockchain and transaction monitoring technologies
  • Instant alerts on suspicious card activity
  • 3-D Secure authentication for online spending
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